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Humming A Diff’rent Tune (my blog)

  • " Treu und herzinniglich, Robin Adair" - A British Tune In Germany  new
  • Burns in 19th-Century Germany: "Phillis The Fair" & "Had I A Cave"
    (a preliminary list) new
  • The Adventurous Story of Poor "Mary of the Wild Moor" (revised September 2013)
  • Song Archeology: From "Earl Douglas' Lament" To "Farewell Angelina" -
    The Long And Twisted History Of An Old Tune Family
  • "The Water Is Wide" - The History of a "Folk Song" (revised July 2012)
  • "...Tell Her To Make Me A Cambric Shirt" - From The "Elfin Knight" to "Scarborough Fair"
  • "I Once Loved A Lass..." - The Story Of The "False Bride" And Her Forsaken Lover
  • "Eileen Aroon" & "Robin Adair" - A Chronological List: 1729 - ca. 1900
  • and more

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